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Sandra Lord, owner of Houston Walks, is a Certified Professional Guide, writer, researcher, trainer, and avocational historian who has designed and/or conducted tours for more than 50,000 people since 1988. She also has written, edited, and performed research for more than 100 articles and books. She was a founding member of the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston, the Friends of the Texas Room, the Houston History Association, and the Theater District Association. Sandra currently is conducting extensive research on Houston's Market Square area in preparation for a book to be published in 2019 by The History Press. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sandra is a graduate of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, spent her junior year abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, and has lived in France, England, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Montana, Alaska, and California. Since moving to Houston in 1984, Sandra has been actively involved in learning more about her adopted hometown. In 1988, fascinated by Houston’s history and drawing on her experience designing public tours for the University of Pittsburgh and The Franklin Mint, Sandra began offering guided walking tours through her two companies, Discover Houston Tours and Houston Urban Adventures. She sold both companies and retired in 2016. Finding that she missed showing folks around Houston, Sandra organized Houston Walks in May 2019.

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